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Welcome to the mystical realm of the Concrete Shamanism Shadow Works Deck, a captivating collection of 72 cards steeped in the profound shamanic wisdom of Jung's Shadow archetypes. More than just a mere deck, it serves as an introspective journey into the depths of one's subconscious, a mirror reflecting the concealed aspects of the self waiting to be unveiled. Forged through years of devoted shamanic exploration and insightful study, this deck has evolved into a potent instrument for self-discovery, capable of illuminating the hidden motives that shape our actions and the enigmatic forces that lurk in the shadows of people, places, and events. Embrace the ethereal power of the Shadow Works Deck, and venture forth on a transformative expedition of revelation and enlightenment.

The deck comes shrink-wrapped in a custom hand-painted gold box. Included is an exquisite pocket-sized 176 page perfect-bound paperback guidebook.

Diving Deeper Into Shadow Archetypes

The Concrete Shamanism Shadow Works Deck is an innovative tool for self-discovery. This unique deck delves into the often overlooked or suppressed parts of our personalities, embracing Carl Jung's theory of archetypes and shadow aspects. Comprising an array of 72 intriguingly named cards, the deck offers a transformative journey into our subconscious, inviting users to explore and integrate their shadows into conscious awareness.

The deck divides into several archetype sets, including the Goddess, Angel, Tyrant, Ogre, Muse, Artist, Shaman, Siren, Vagabond, Leader, Voyager, Scientist, Nemesis, Priestess, Priest, Wraith, Sorcerer, and more. Each archetype is further broken down into specific traits, offering an in-depth exploration of both positive and negative aspects of our personalities.

For instance, the Goddess archetype includes traits such as Caring, Forgiving, Understanding, and Compassionate. Each of these cards can shed light on how we express love, empathy, and care in our lives. They can also reveal ways in which we might suppress these traits, or perhaps express them to the point of self-neglect.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Ogre archetype includes traits like Angry, Aggressive, Frightening, and Overbearing. These cards bring to light the parts of us that might react strongly when threatened or hurt. They encourage us to confront these fears, learn to manage our anger, and express our needs assertively instead of aggressively.

Working with these archetypes is not about labeling ourselves as one thing or another, but rather about understanding the myriad aspects of our personality. By exploring the nuances of each archetype and its traits, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of our behaviors, emotions, and reactions, empowering us to make conscious changes.

How, then, do we use these cards for a reading? Most commonly, users shuffle the deck and draw a card (or several cards) at random. The chosen card represents an aspect of the user's shadow that needs attention. The user then meditates on this archetype and trait, exploring its manifestation in their life and considering ways to address it.

For instance, if someone draws the Priestess – Inner Peace card, they may reflect on their spiritual practices and ability to maintain tranquility in their life. They might explore ways to cultivate more inner peace or identify obstacles that are blocking them from achieving it.

In a multiple-card reading, the interplay between the cards can provide even more insight. Drawing the Scientist – Needs Proof card alongside the Sorcerer – Inauthentic card, for example, could suggest a struggle between a need for empirical evidence and an inclination toward deception or self-deception. This could spark a deep dive into one's truth-seeking behaviors and honesty levels.

The Shadow Work Deck can also be used alongside traditional therapy methods. As users explore their shadows through the cards, they can bring these insights into their therapy sessions, potentially leading to deeper self-understanding and growth.

The ultimate goal of working with the Archetypal Shadow Work Deck is integration. As Jung wrote, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate." By bringing these shadow aspects to light, we can recognize and understand our patterns, ultimately giving us the power to change them.

In a world that often encourages us to present only our most polished selves, the Archetypal Shadow Work Deck offers a refreshing invitation to delve into our complexities. With its wide range of archetypes and traits, it facilitates an unflinching exploration of our shadows, helping us transform these hidden aspects into powerful tools for personal growth.

We offer personal readings with our Shadow Work Deck, provided by Shamanic Practitioner, Patrick John Coleman. Purchase is available through our Etsy Shop and by following the link below:


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shamanic art?

Shamanic art is a form of visual expression rooted in the spiritual traditions of shamanism, found in various indigenous cultures. It often reflects the shaman's experiences during altered states of consciousness, showcasing intricate symbols, spirit animals, nature motifs, and cosmos representations. Serving as more than mere artwork, these pieces can facilitate spiritual journeys, rituals, and healing ceremonies, acting as bridges between the physical and spiritual realms.

What is upcycled art?

Thrift stores, second-hand shops, and roadside finds are treasure troves for budget-friendly art materials. From old books for decoupage, records as unique canvases, to vintage fabric for textile art, these spaces offer character-rich items waiting to be transformed. The inherent charm and authenticity of these materials, enriched by their past lives, can infuse your artwork with unique depth and meaning, proving high-quality art doesn't need to be costly.

Custom and personalized orders

We can do custom pieces or commisioned pieces using your own colors, design or theme.

How is AI generated art used in your pieces?

AI is revolutionizing art creation, carving a unique role in the industry. We skillfully direct AI to generate raw designs, refining them into unique collections. The use of AI dramatically reduces production time, translating to cost savings. This democratizes access to unique, high-quality art. The interplay between AI and artistry heralds a new era of artistic expression for all artists, not just us.

How do you use Shamanism in the creation of these pieces?

Shamanism in art signifies a deep connection to the spiritual and the subconscious. We tap into shamanistic practices to channel visions, dreams, and altered states of consciousness, infusing our artwork with profound symbolism and transformative power. This blend of ancient wisdom and creative expression results in a transcendent art form that seeks to heal, enlighten, and connect us to our roots.

Where do you source your materials for your pieces?

Thrift stores, second-hand shops, and roadside finds are treasure troves for budget-friendly art materials. From old books for decoupage, records as unique canvases, to vintage fabric for textile art, these spaces offer character-rich items waiting to be transformed. The inherent charm and authenticity of these materials, enriched by their past lives, infuses our artwork with unique depth and meaning, proving high-quality art doesn't need to be costly.

Are you afraid that AI will eventually put artists out of work?

Instead of fearing it as a rival, envision AI as an innovative tool that expands your artistic horizons. AI can automate mundane tasks, freeing up more time for ideation and creation. It can aid in translating your vision into reality through precision and scale impossible for human hands alone. Use AI to generate novel inspirations, or let it help you discover patterns and styles that push your work into unexplored territories. Artists still use their artistic ability in creating art with AI in much the same way an artist uses Photoshop or other digital tools to create work. There was a time not long ago when artists that used computers were looked down upon. There is an artistic vision required for AI enhanced art.

What is the "vision" of The Concrete Shamans?

The Concrete Shamans are not just a band, but sonic storytellers. They weave intricate soundscapes and artistic collections, encapsulating themes of space, alien encounters, cosmic horror, and playful dystopia. Their vision of the world is one of vibrant hues, spiritual undertones, and utilitarian beauty. Harnessing their distinct auditory prowess, they illuminate the interplay between the spiritual and the tangible, the whimsical and the horrific. The band marries the mundane with the ethereal, painting a vivid and immersive audioscape that guides listeners on a cosmic journey. The Concrete Shamans aren't just about music, but about creating a shared, profound experience, invoking a world that is as fantastical as it is grounded.

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