Music, Art, Healing, Personal Transformation and Recovery.

Step into the world of The Concrete Shamans, where music, craftsmanship, and nostalgia intertwine to create a tapestry of emotions and transformative experiences. As a married couple of men, we embark on a creative journey that is deeply rooted in our own stories of spiritual transformation, sobriety, and the pursuit of healing.

Welcome to our Etsy store, where our souls find expression through the products we make and the music we create. Our love for the pre-millennium era runs deep, and we strive to evoke that nostalgic feeling in all that we do. From handcrafted items to original music, each piece is a labor of love and a testament to our shared passions.

As musicians, we pour our hearts into crafting melodies that transport you back in time. Our self-produced CDs capture the essence of an era long gone, infusing it with our personal narratives of growth and change. Through our music, we hope to stir up memories, ignite emotions, and remind you of the power of recovery and healing.

But our creative journey doesn't stop at music. In our very own workshop and studio, we delve into the realms of craftsmanship and artistic exploration. Drawing upon techniques and methods that were not available 25 years ago, we meticulously handcraft items that embody the spirit of a bygone era. Each piece tells a story, carrying with it the fusion of creativity, spirituality, and the transformative power of our own healing journeys.

Our experiences with sobriety have shaped who we are as individuals and as artists. We believe in the power of recovery, and through our creations, we aim to inspire others on their own paths of healing. The items we make are not just objects; they are vessels of hope, connection, and nostalgia. We want to share the light that has illuminated our own lives, and we hope that it resonates with those who seek solace and inspiration.

When you explore our Etsy store, you'll find a curated collection of handmade jewelry, captivating artwork, and one-of-a-kind merchandise. Each item is infused with our artistic sensibilities, representing our commitment to craftsmanship and the transformative potential of art. We invite you to join us on this journey through time, to immerse yourself in the nostalgia, and to discover the infinite possibilities of recovery and spiritual transformation.

Our Etsy store is more than just a marketplace; it is an extension of ourselves, a reflection of our growth, and a celebration of the human spirit. We pour our hearts and souls into every creation, and we hope that our music and handcrafted pieces touch your life in a meaningful way.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure, and we look forward to sharing our stories, our music, and our creations with you. Together, let's embrace the power of nostalgia, recovery, and the transformative journey that lies ahead.

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